Designer & Luxury Home Décor: Everything under One Roof


Embark on a journey of elegance and opulence as we unveil an exquisite collection of designer and luxury home décor items. Transform your living space into a haven of style and comfort with our curated selection that caters to every discerning taste.

Decorative Flower Vases and Planters: Nature’s Finest

Indulge in the beauty of nature with our collection of decorative flower vases and planters. Elevate your interior décor with these timeless pieces.

Artistic Vases: A Symphony of Elegance

Experience the harmonious blend of form and function with our artistic vases. Crafted with precision and artistry, these vases add a touch of sophistication to any room.

Lush Planters: Green Oasis Indoors

Bring the serenity of the outdoors inside with our lush planters. Create a verdant oasis within your home and infuse it with natural beauty.

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Premium Wall Art and Decor Online: Elevate Your Walls

Transform your walls into captivating masterpieces with our premium wall art and décor collection. Explore a world of artistic expression and visual delight.

Statement Pieces: Bold and Beautiful

Make a statement with our bold and beautiful wall art pieces. From abstract paintings to intricate sculptures, each piece tells a unique story.

Elegant Wall Décor: Timeless Sophistication

Discover timeless sophistication with our elegant wall décor. Adorn your walls with intricate designs and motifs that reflect your personal style.

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Comfortable and High-Quality Bedding & Cushions: Restful Retreat

Create a restful retreat with our comfortable and high-quality bedding & cushions. Experience luxury and comfort like never before.

Decorative Premium Quality Cushions: Style and Comfort Combined

Enhance your décor with our decorative premium quality cushions. From intricate designs to plush fabrics, these cushions add both style and comfort to your living space.

Comfortable Premium Quality Floor Cushions: Casual Chic

Embrace casual chic with our comfortable premium quality floor cushions. Perfect for lounging or entertaining, these cushions elevate your seating experience.

Luxury la Maghreb {Moroccan Design} Cushions: Exotic Charm

Infuse exotic charm into your home with our luxury la Maghreb {Moroccan Design} cushions. Adorned with vibrant colors and intricate patterns, these cushions evoke the allure of Morocco.

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Decorative Candle & Candle Stand: Ambient Elegance

Set the mood with our decorative candles and candle stands. Create an ambiance of elegance and warmth in your home.

Artisanal Candles: Handcrafted Luxury

Indulge in handcrafted luxury with our artisanal candles. Infused with exquisite scents and adorned with intricate designs, these candles elevate your sensory experience.

Stylish Candle Stands: Illuminating Beauty

Illuminate your space with our stylish candle stands. From sleek metallic designs to ornate glass holders, these stands add a touch of sophistication to any room.

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Exquisite Collection for Home Décor Trays & Platters: Stylish Functionality

Add a touch of stylish functionality to your home with our exquisite collection of trays & platters. Perfect for serving and organizing, these pieces marry form and function seamlessly.

Decorative Trays: Serving with Style

Entertain guests with style using our decorative trays. Whether serving drinks or displaying décor accents, these trays add a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Elegant Platters: Culinary Showcase

Elevate your culinary presentations with our elegant platters. From appetizers to desserts, these platters showcase your culinary creations in style.

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Q: How do I choose the right size of a decorative flower vase?

Ans: Consider the proportions of your space and the flowers you intend to display. A taller vase complements high-ceilinged rooms, while shorter vases suit smaller spaces.

Q: Can indoor plants thrive in decorative planters?

Ans: Absolutely! Indoor plants thrive in decorative planters as long as they receive adequate sunlight and water. Choose planters with proper drainage for optimal plant health.

Q: How do I hang wall art without damaging the walls?

Ans: Use adhesive hooks or picture hanging strips for damage-free installation. Ensure proper weight support and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q: Can premium wall art withstand humidity in bathrooms?

While some pieces may be suitable for bathrooms, it’s best to choose moisture-resistant materials like metal or acrylic. Avoid direct contact with water to preserve the artwork.

Q: How do I maintain the quality of premium cushions?

Ans: Follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Regularly fluff and rotate cushions to maintain their shape and prevent wear and tear.

Q: Are floor cushions suitable for outdoor use?

While some floor cushions may be designed for outdoor use, it’s essential to check the material and construction for durability and weather resistance.

Q: How can I prevent candle wax from dripping on surfaces?

Ans: Trim the wick before lighting the candle and ensure it burns evenly. Place candles on heat-resistant surfaces and avoid drafts to prevent dripping.

Q: Can decorative candles be used for aromatherapy?

Ans: Yes, many decorative candles are infused with essential oils and are suitable for aromatherapy. Choose scents that promote relaxation and well-being.

Q: Are decorative trays suitable for everyday use?

Absolutely! Our decorative trays are crafted with durability in mind and are perfect for daily use. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth for easy maintenance.

Q: Can decorative platters be used in the dishwasher?

Ans: It depends on the material. While some decorative platters are dishwasher-safe, others may require handwashing to preserve their finish and design.


In conclusion, our designer and luxury home décor collection offer everything you need to create a sanctuary of style and comfort. From decorative flower vases and premium wall art to comfortable bedding & cushions and exquisite trays & platters, each piece is meticulously crafted to elevate your living space.

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